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SecureIT is continually reviewing trends, examining technologies and engaging in standards development in cyber security, information assurance, audit, and regulatory compliance. Those efforts, combined with our first hand experience solving our customers’ problems, yield eBooks and videos that offer insights, guidance and best practice. We hope that you find them useful.

Burp Primer Videos & Cheatsheets 

Companies need a complete understanding of their risk and exposure. SecureIT’s penetration testing services test and verify the effectiveness of currently deployed security measures.  This video and cheatsheet provides an overview of one of the tools that we use in order to detect network vulnerabilities.

secureit burp primer

Click on the links below to watch the videos & download the cheatsheets:

Burp Proxy Setup & Configuration

Burp Initial Assessment

Burp Test Definition

Burp Specialized Analysis & Detection Tools

Burp Add-On’s

NIST 800-171 Infographic 

Clear the way for your Federal contracts in 2018.  Get key facts and planning advice to successfully tackle these compliance requirements for doing business with the US Government.

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sudo Security and Risk Management Videos Series  

Could more than a dozen of your employees have root access to mission critical servers due to error?  SecureIT’s experience indicates that many companies have incorrectly implemented or maintained sudo exposing information assets to heightened risk from malicious actors.  Register and watch these videos now as Greg Kent, SVP of SecureIT provides a valuable discussion on sudo background, common sudo implementation mistakes, and policies for safer sudo going forward.

secureit sudo part 1








Watch the sudo security video series now.

Part 1: Introduction to sudo & Common Use Cases

Part 2: Attacks on Poorly Written User Specifications

Part 3: Root Causes of the Problem & Resolving sudo Security Issues