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Managing SSH Keys and Associations

The Secured Shell (SSH) service is widely deployed to provide secured connectivity between systems. In other words, SSH is the secured alternative for telnet or ftp services, which are clear text and could expose user credentials and sensitive network traffic to eavesdroppers. SSH provides an encrypted tunnel through which users can enter commands, transfer files, or even use an X Windows graphical users interface.

For many years, auditors have been advocating wide deployment of SSH as a costeffective solution to the security problem of clear text network transports. OpenSSH is the most commonly deployed implementation of the SSH protocol. The price is right – it’s free – and it does not require the complexities of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for generating keys. However, many organizations that have large OpenSSH deployments have found that SSH can introduce new security problems that can be as significant as the problem of clear text transmissions.

Written by Greg Kent, SecureIT Vice President,  our three part SSH eBook series provides a comprehensive discussion of the risks, solutions and preventive measures that can improve the security and success of your SSH deployment.

Part 1: Background and Risks

SSH BandR v2





Part 2: Risk Management & Solutions






Part 3: Policy and Prevention

SSH-PandP v2





12 Secrets to SOC 2 Success

Attaining SOC 2 compliance is a common requirement for service organizations to attract mid-sized and large commercial customers. Many software service providers first try to obtain SOC 2 compliance through internal initiatives.

Unfortunately, SecureIT has found that most organizations seeking first time SOC 2 compliance underestimate the scope of the challenges they face and overestimate the ability of their IT organization to implement the controls and process changes needed.

This eBook shares insights that we have gained from providing guidance and hands-on assistance to enable dozens of organizations to achieve and sustain SOC 2 compliance on their first attempt.  Read it now.

Transforming IT Audit for Cloud Computing 

Access proven best practices and valuable insights from industry leaders that will propel success with your cloud audit.  The eBook is a must read for increasing IT Audit’s success in planning, executing, and monitoring cloud audit initiatives.