Knowing the Security & Privacy of Your Mobile Apps

By Aleks Frelas

Mobile app usage has been steadily increasing with no slowdown in sight. At this point, hearing “there’s an app for that” is commonplace, regardless of what you might be trying to do. But while consumers may have come to take mobile apps for granted, data security and privacy is something that cannot be taken lightly.

Developers of mobile apps need to ensure appropriate data security with thorough knowledge of APIs, databases, permissions, and logic processing. Implementing well-established mobile app security principles is a great place to start, but don’t stop there. A mobile app security assessment and penetration testing can identify issues and risks that might ultimately undermine customer confidence in your mobile app.


Mobile App Pen Testing


Business leaders who are responsible for secure mobile computing by employees also face new risks. Security assessments and expanded penetration testing are critical in reducing the security risks associated with the work-from-home (WFH) scenarios many organizations are currently using. IT departments are stretched thin supporting the distributed office environment that organizations provide to ensure their employees remain safe and productive. The increased use of mobile apps means more opportunities for attackers to exploit phishing and other social engineering attacks, as users are more likely to respond to a message they see on their smartphone.

A comprehensive security assessment can ensure that apps that employees are using provide adequate data privacy protection and are compatible with enterprise mobile device management (MDM) software and hardware. Security assessments can help organizations choose a VPN that offers the best security protection for their needs and identify the most effective employee security awareness training methods to help staff who may be new to working remotely.

With proven security expertise across a variety of workplace settings and devices, SecureIT delivers assessments and penetration tests to help you reduce risks when developing and using mobile applications. Please contact us to discuss enhanced security for your company, your assets and your staff.