Securing the WFH Environment

By Aleks Frelas

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt and drive change, many organizations will be continuing with work-from-home (WFH) environments for months to come. At the beginning of the pandemic, IT teams scrambled to put together plans to support employee productivity. But more than just making data available to remote employees, data must be secure, especially since demand for distributed offices is predicted to continue to grow after the pandemic is over. Effective WFH security strategy requires comprehensive policies and procedures. It’s time to take a close look at the data that employees are accessing and the devices they are using.

Securing the WFH environment requires your security focus to change and evolve according to an assessment of the devices, networks and applications accessed from the home office. New attack surfaces will require new protections and your penetration testing operations are sure to need an update. Securing the WFH environment requires a strong mobile device management system and a method for identifying rogue devices that might have access to a home network. You need to ensure that you choose a proven and effective VPN that is fully up to date. With the increase in WFH, you must ensure that all remote work devices have the latest security patches applied, and that anti-virus software is present and activated.


Secure WFH Pen Testing


One thing that the pandemic has not changed: the greatest security vulnerability remains the human element – your employees. Exploiting sophisticated phishing and spearfishing attacks against untrained employees who are new to working remotely in a distributed office environment is a recipe for security disaster.

All of these risks mean that comprehensive security advisory and pen testing services are critical to securing the remote work environment, now and in the future. Organizations require skilled and knowledgeable security professions to advise and help them identify and mitigate their risk. That’s where the security experts at SecureIT can help. Contact us today for more information.