SecureIT offers a comprehensive range of services to help clients assess their threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. We design and implement information security strategies and programs, as well as enhance their continuous monitoring capabilities.

CISO Advisory: Assist with implementation of security program and guide/manage critical projects. Ensure success of internal initiatives, and regularly monitor/report to senior management.

Security Planning & Governance: Define an enterprise approach for assessing, prioritizing, managing, and monitoring security risks. Help define security risk tolerance posture for the organization and an approach for making cost-benefit decisions with respect to accepting security risk.

Security Architecture & Design: Define a strategic framework for unifying and reusing security services across the enterprise. Plan, design, and deploy security-enabling tools, technologies, and services across all on-premises and cloud system layers and across all security processes.

Security & Risk Assessment: Perform detailed technical security reviews of networks, cloud infrastructure, operating systems, and key applications. Ensure that configuration settings are appropriate, duties are segregated, and applications are hardened against compromise.

Mobile App Testing: Identify mobile app vulnerabilities that could open private data for exploitation. Provide security and engineering advisory to app development teams as well as IT leaders responsible for end-user mobile computing.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment: Scan enterprise systems with a combination of open source, commercial, and proprietary tools to identify security vulnerabilities of external-facing systems, internal networks, or both. Perform procedures to confirm the existence of vulnerabilities and reduce false positives. Actively exploit vulnerabilities to compromise both enterprise and work-from-home environments and escalate privileges. If you’re ready to move ahead on improving your security posture, contact us today and we will call you right away.

Security Engineering: Develop and implement security tools and technologies. Embed security into all phases of the system development lifecycle. Design cloud solutions that are secure and compliant.

Security Implementation: Identify the people, process, and technologies required for effective security management. Implement action plans to develop or enhance security services and processes. Assist in the deployment of security-enabling tools and technologies such as FIPS for FedRAMP authorization. Define metrics and tools to measure and report progress.

Continuous Monitoring: Provide both on-premise and managed services for continuous monitoring of information systems. Provide asset detection, vulnerability assessment, configuration deviation detection, and event log management and monitoring.

Forensics & Incident Response: Help organizations prepare for an incident by defining response procedures and clarifying roles and responsibilities. Investigate security breaches and other incidents to determine the extent of damage. Review system activity logs to reconstruct events and identify the root cause and source of the attack.